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Welcome to the English garden of Hugstetten

The composer Felix Mendelsohn-Bartholdy and his new bride Cecilie visited the park of the Hugstetter castle while on their honeymoon. Designed in the style of an English country park, it is now rated as one of the most beautiful of its kind throughout southern Germany.

Approximately 5 hectares of the park are open to the public, while the area immediately surrounding the castle is private property owned by the Teuffel von Birkensee family.


What is an English garden?

Up until the 18th century gardens were predominantly designed around precision, incorporating geometrical axes, clear lines and ornaments.

Then, from about 1720, a new garden style originated in England.
Gardens were now being perceived as “accessible canvases of scenic beauty”, designed to titillate the eye of the visitor. Winding pathways, individual clusters of trees, ponds and lakes, as well as smaller buildings like pagodas, temples and grottos were typical. A maximum naturalness of the landscape should be realised using a specific garden design.

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